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Firstly, thank you to David for organising this review copy with his publisher for me.
This book was definitely a step outside my comfort zone, so I am probably not the intended audience, but please find below my honest review.
I was certainly interested in the idea that poor water supplies could be the trigger for problems between countries in the future.
I think as a debut this was an interesting idea for a thriller, maybe I would have enjoyed more political drama about it? But that is a personal opinion, maybe its based on what I am more used to read? Readers do often feel a little lost when they break from their standard reads.
The characters were a touch comical in places (possibly deliberately). I am more used to a hero character, which in my opinion this book has deliberately avoided.
Although, I agree that water could cause conflict, the characters in the thick of the action didn’t portray this in a realistic fashion for me.
However, this novel got under my skin & I had no option but to finish it!
I have the second book Rose Gold in my pile to read, it is already pulling me in…a thriller based on corporate greed, characters who I have already been introduced to, and it’s a second book.

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