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So like a bit of an idiot I don’t always start at the beginning of the series – don’t judge me it just happens – mostly this is ok but we all know that there is always a little extra to the series if you actually start at book 1 and work through the series in the correct order.
So I read book 5 first (dead pretty), book 8 second (cold bones). I am now correcting this by starting with Book 1 (Dark Winter).
This is an excellent series of books, I have had the pleasure to meet David twice now. On the second occasion I interviewed him and found out a little about him & this series when he spoke to our crime book group last Saturday! So I am really hoping the entire group loves book 1, Dark Winter as much as I did and they are now ready to embark on the series!
The series is set in Hull, the writing is excellent and you really do become easily absorbed into the plot and the setting! Love the characters which of course I have managed to meet in entirely the wrong order so far. The tension is brilliant as the plot unfolds and the pace escalates. Very happy to recommend this series!

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  1. Maria Lomax says:

    Thanks again to Fiona for sending me this book, signed with the words “A journey to Hull and back”. The book went on a journey, who knows where before it arrived in South Wales. Perhaps it took a detour to Hull, my home city. I am thankful it finally arrived. I really enjoyed this book, I loved the characters, the plot and enjoyed all the references to places I know and love. I look forward to reading the rest of this series, in order!

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