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Thank you very much for the review copy, I knew it would be a great read but I didn’t know where it would sit amongst the other medical memoirs that have been published recently. I’ve read books from Adam Kay, David Nott, Henry Marsh, Paul Kalanithi and Stephen Westaby. All of these are excellent reads, all different, but in each one you have immense respect for the medical teams involved. This one is very much about Rachel’s father and her medical career, end of life cancer care from both sides… as the daughter and as the medic. Irrespective of who you are I do recommend this read, recommended to medics, patients, family of patients, family of medics and everyone else who maybe so far hasn’t had to deal with such issues. This is a book that will require tissues and when you have finished you will very much want to give big hugs to all your love. Just stop what you are doing for a few minutes and remember you can make a difference to someone’s life with kindness and consideration no matter what they state of health. Definitely recommended.

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