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So I’d seen a couple of my fav authors tweeting about Neil Lancaster but shh I had never heard of him… anyway after a little bit of research it looked like it was worth a read… so book 1, Going Dark was ordered with no expectations. (I’d never heard of the publishers either… also don’t tell them that)
By the time it arrived I had decided it would be placed high in the pile to read so I started it last night around 8pm finished it at 12.45am this morning… an absolutely superb read. Yes, in case you are wondering I have already ordered book 2.
My recommendation to ALL crime thriller fans is save yourself the waiting and get book 1 & 2 ordered at the same time. Book 2 is going rogue.
Great characters, superb tension which is frankly evident from the lack of sleep I had last night! I would happily compare it to some of David Baldacci’s great books!
If you know me well I have probably tweeted, emailed or text you to buy this book this morning – so what are you waiting for?
Order it, read it, tell me what you think, I’m completely serious… don’t ignore me.

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    Thanks to Fiona for the recommendation. I really enjoyed Going Dark and look forward to book 2. Tom was a great detective and I enjoyed the unusual story line. I thought the link to Serbia and some history surrounding the Yugoslav Wars made for an interesting read and I like books that teach you something as well as tell a story. Looking very much forward to book 2 soon!

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