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I had the great pleasure of listening to Viv speak last week at a Transworld Publishing event in London and took the opportunity to get a copy of her book too!
I dipped into this book on the train home, given that this was 10pm – I needed some great reading material to stay awake.
So this book is all about hints, tips, styles and great advice for public speaking.
I’ve spoke in public a few times to both small and large groups of people, sometimes I have known them all, other times I haven’t. Sometimes it has been a serious presentation, other times a very informal interview. Each event is different and will throw up it’s own points of worry and reassurances that you can handle it.
This book is addictive and you will continue to refer to it and dip in and out of it many many times over the course of many events and years! It will be one of those books on your shelf that contains many post it notes!
Most certainly recommended.

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