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So this is the first Michael J Malone book I’ve read, well there is another in my TBR tower which will now have to move up the big queue.
This is an excellent gripping crime thriller, lots of tension, but be warned – it is a dark subject matter!
Very much a great read that I didn’t want to put down, you are instantly engaged with the characters and the plot.
I will now happily recommend to many.

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ISBN 9781912374793

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  1. Joanne says:

    I often wonder how some books gather a large amount of social media promotion/publicity. I’ve been guilty of falling into the “lots of people are talking about this book, so i must read it” trap and then being massively disappointed in said book.
    In the Absence of Miracles did not have much social media presence compared to some, and i’m left wondering why? This is a fantastic book, and should be recommended to many. Yes, it’s a dark subject matter, but it’s a gripping crime thriller, and deserves much more attention than it’s currently had.
    Having had the pleasure of meeting Michael in Newcastle last year, i’ll definitely be picking up his other books.
    If you like hard to put down crime thrillers, then this is definitely for you!

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