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I got a letter in the post from Helen asking me if I had enjoyed her book…aha I though a marketing strategy… a book about lost letters and as if by magic I’m to believe my copy has gone missing… good ploy! Except it wasn’t a ploy, my copy had indeed gone missing in the post!
So I read the second copy which did arrive!
This book is quirky, heart warming and in places it will push your emotions hard.
I loved the letters included in the story and if I am honest I would have loved a few more of those.
I did enjoy the book and I will perhaps write to friends and suggest they read this (let us hope those letters arrive).
An excellent choice to curl up with on a cold afternoon.

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  1. Joanne says:

    This is a lovely book with a really well written main character, William Woolf. I found that i really wanted William to do well in life, and that i cared about him a lot.
    I loved the idea of the Dead Letters Depot, and the small insights we got into some of the lives of people who’s letters had gone missing.
    This book flows really well, and it’s a very easy read. Definitely recommended.

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