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So I’d heard the hype for a few months, (I never believe the hype) and then it went and won the Waterstones Book of the Year 2018!
So I bought it and my verdict is amazing read! I’ve since bought a few more copies for Christmas gifts too.
I spaced it over 3 nights as I was working those 3 days and didn’t get the opportunity for a longer reading session, but let me just say I never willingly put the book down.
You will fall in love with the writing immediately, I found it very relaxing to read.
You are totally absorbed into the lives of the characters and even as the book ends you know you would have happily read this book until the end of time!
I am more than happy to recommend this on to everyone as a treat for themselves or as part of their Christmas shopping!
My advice: Don’t miss out buy it today & read it tonight!
(It has just launched itself into my top reads this year!)

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