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Thank you to Chris and the publishers for organising this early review copy.
I was very keen to get my hands on it having met Chris just before his first novel Guess Who was published we have had the privilege to get to know him and to have him drop hints about his new book on a regular basis!
I am very pleased to report that whilst I very much enjoyed Guess Who – this is EVEN BETTER!
I look forward to him tempting the crime book group with this in June!
A long dark tunnel, a group of friends, they don’t all make it out of the tunnel!
The tension is there from the second you touch the book and you will happily devour it in one sitting!
So Mr McGeorge what can you tell me about book 3 now?

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  1. Joanne says:

    I absolutely loved Guess Who by Chris, it was one of my reads of 2018. Now You See Me was another “locked room” style and i thoroughly enjoyed it, however, my preference of the 2 books is still Guess Who.
    Chris is firmly becoming an author that i’ll pick up his books no matter what, i can’t wait for his next one.

  2. Dan Moran says:

    Thanks to Chris for signing my copy in Waterstones a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed this one and thought it was even better than Guess Who. The book is very fast paced which makes it very difficult to put down between chapters, and some of the characters were deliciously evil. The book is a bit more brutal than Guess Who and it’s impossible to guess what has happened to the Standedge five. Can’t wait for the next one!

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