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Firstly, thank you to the publishers for this beautiful early copy! I had no sooner finished reading this when my husband practically snatched it from my hands having waited patiently for the day while I read it – just as well I didn’t drag my read out!
As you settle down to read a Reacher novel you feel you know what to expect…
Action, tension, the good guy to win…
Why do we all then eagerly await his next book?
Maybe in real life the good guys don’t always win… maybe we could all do with our own Reacher to protect us?
It sets off at a sunday afternoon pace, Reacher decides to add a day to his journey and check out some family history…
A young couple’s car breaks down and they book into a motel…
You are now on the edge of your seat waiting for Reacher to work it out!

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  1. Mike says:

    Being a die hard Reacher fan, I had to obviously pry this book from the hands of the “other half”.

    When I started reading, it seemed like there were two plots, and I wondered where it was going, i.e. why the 2nd plot line. I had an idea why, with Reacher involved….. They do eventually converge, in a dramatic way.

    As things started to reveal themselves, you can just envisage Reacher kicking off. In this book he does become quite brutal, more than I recall in earlier stories. I won’t reveal why, but when you read it, if you are a Reacher fan, you will know what I mean. I think maybe this is set in his later years, when he is more “seasoned”.

    This one would certainly make a good film.

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