Author: Livia Franchini Genre: ,

Thank you to the publishers for this advance review copy, I also had the pleasure of meeting Livia & hearing her speak (although I didn’t catch a signature on my copy).
This book is structured around an ordinary shopping list, this is the only thing she has left of their life together when her fiancée leaves.
At first I thought this might be a funny book about why certain things featured in their lives, but instead it is so much more.
I did find it quite quirky an idea to build a novel around a shopping list but I suppose many of us could be analysed by what we buy.
How are lives are shaped is often reflected in our purchases. This is quite a raw book in places as she tries to make sense of her life and the path that has got her to this point.
Certainly happy to recommend on to others, and I also wonder if this would be a contender for the Women’s Prize for fiction in 2020?

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