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Firstly, thank you to the publishers for this early copy.
I have read 3 of this authors previous books and loved them so I had high expectations for this book…
Other people who read it before me, told me great things…. so I settled down expecting to be hooked in…
But maybe I’m odd or maybe I was in an odd mood at the time of reading… I didn’t feel tense for Anna’s survival but I did feel worry and concern for all the characters for their general well being…

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  1. Joanne says:

    I’ve read most (if not all) of C L Taylor’s previous books and they are always an enjoyable read. Sleep was all over Twitter, and a lot of people were raving about it, it had been released in hardback which I don’t tend to buy a lot of, but I was gifted this a few days ago, so thought I’d jump right in.
    In a nutshell the book centres around main character, Anna who goes to work at a hotel on the remote island of Rum. 7 guests arrive for a holiday and one of them is a killer.
    It sounded right up my street, and I was rattling through the pages, I read the whole thing in a day, but something just felt missing from the plot. I felt that I didn’t care about the characters at all.
    This book is an easy read, and it’s a good one to while away a few hours, but sadly lacked any real thriller tension. It won’t put me off reading the author in future and I do look forward to her next offering.
    3 stars from me.

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