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Thank you to Transworld (or as my phone prefers to call you Tea Swirls) for this early copy.
It really however, should carry a big warning on the cover…I decided to read it in the garden yesterday, I got so engrossed in it – I didn’t move for hours – the result is my limbs and face are now as red as this cover! (Wonder if publishers should send sun cream with great summer thrillers?)
An excellent read! Can’t wait to meet Belinda later this month in Waterstones Durham and of course now I am going to have to fill my gaps in the collection of her books!
I need this to hurry up and publish so I can tell everyone to buy it! (with high factor sun cream of course so they don’t burn when they forget to move)

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    I found myself pretty gripped throughout Snap and finished most of it in an afternoon. The twists and turns told from various points of view come together in a thrilling climax. It’s surprisingly funny in places thanks to a bungling police team trying to keep up with the various threads of the investigation and you’ll love the colourful cast of characters. (Especially Reynolds and Rice)!

    Perfect for any lover of thrillers or crime.

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