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Firstly, thank you to Chicken House for the advance review copy. I was lucky enough to receive this with my copy of Dan Smith’s latest.
I will confess at first I thought why have they sent me this? Yes, the other book in the package had been requested…
On the back it said…fantasy… oh no I don’t like fantasy…well at least that’s what I always say…
However, we had just been discussing possible new teens reads to support and local authors and Anna Day’s latest book in my hand was both!!!
So I contacted her and promised to read it….it slipped down the pile… 2018 arrived and I thought new year – best keep those promises? So I started it yesterday, of course remembering that I don’t like fantasy books….
Now I finished it in one day and yes it did cost me a little sleep last night….and here is the news….but keep it quiet the girl who doesn’t like fantasy – LOVED THIS BOOK!! Shh!
Thank you

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