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I had the pleasure of listening to Sabrina talk a couple of weeks ago in London at her publishers event, and also securing an early copy for review. I started the book on the train home that night (to be honest I picked up about 5 books that day at started them all on the train home).
At first I thought oh no another industry personality read? I had my doubts, but the style hooks you straight in.
Once you start reading it and truly put yourself in the position of any serving fire person dealing with an emergency calls or with any serving fire person dealing with the decision making in the face of an emergency you will not put this down. The respect that we should all have for this profession will most certainly be realised as you read.
On our behalf they face dreadful situations & scenes on a very regular basis. They are very often at risk themselves to attempt to save our lives or the lives of a loved one. They deal with unknown situations as they develop not truly always knowing if the situation is ‘safe’ to enter.
Please do read this and ask yourself two questions….
1) could you be a serving fire person of any rank?
2) could you be the one making the tough life & death decisions in ‘the heat of the moment’
If you then don’t have the respect for these people that they deserve then it is a sad situation.
I most certainly recommend this book & in fact I’ve already been recommending it and wont stop!

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