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Firstly, thank you to Fiona & her publishers for arranging an early copy of book three for me to review.
I was a big fan of Fiona’s previous two books Rattle & The Collector, so I had high expectations for this stand alone novel.
The Verdict: Marvellous, read in one day! There was no sleeping last night until I reached the very end!
No spoilers ever in my reviews, so all I will say is I’m very glad I don’t live on that street & I do hope Fiona didn’t base this on her neighbours otherwise it is definitely time for her to move!
As for the ending, it was excellent leaving just enough doubt in your mind as to whether everything was totally all wrapped up or not? I can certainly see a few ways in which this standalone novel could continue on.
I will be recommending this to your ALL.
Please also kindly read the acknowledgements where I am very excited to let you know my name exists.
Just wondering how long I now have to wait for book 4…

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  1. Joanne says:

    I have read (and loved) Rattle and The Collector, so I knew The Neighbour would be a great book, I just wasn’t prepared for just how much I’d love it!
    I keep saying this, I don’t buy many hardbacks, however, Fiona Sharp mentioned this to me a few times on Twitter, it was always gonna be a book I’d buy in paperback, but I bit the bullet, purchased it from Waterstones (Durham, of course) and just started reading a few days ago.
    Page 253 of this book sealed its fate in being one of my favourite ever reads. The reason? It made me feel sick, I mean physically sick. The paragraph ends with the sentence “The maggots had found her”. Whilst I was trying not to be sick, I loved the fact that this book could have such an impact. Proof that (to me at least), a book and my imagination is worth more than any movie.
    Definitely a 5 star read from me, Fiona Cummins has done a fab job with this one!

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