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Firstly, thank you to the lovely Mari Hannah for suggesting I might enjoy this! How right she was.
I had never heard of M W Craven before. Thank you to him for sending me an early review copy. Also for agreeing to travel to our lovely store crime book group in Durham to meet our customers after official publication! (June 2018)
This book grabs you from the very start and even as you reach the last page you know you want more….
Sadly, there appears to be quite a wait for book 2 (2019). So I may just have to be patient…well I’ll try.
I especially enjoyed the characters Tilly & Poe and can certainly imagine them taking on further exciting crime situations…
You know the book has grabbed you when you relive it continually afterwards and are urging them on to the next ‘adventure’.
This is currently my thriller of 2018 (so far)…will it hold on to this position all year?
Absolutely brilliant!! I need to tell the world about this – so I do hope they are all listening to me…..

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  1. Jo says:

    Probably one of the most gripping crime thrillers I’ve read. Excellent story telling by the talented Mick Craven.. dark plot with lots of twists and fantastic characters which will surely develop more strongly in his sequals.
    If you are a fan of crime you must read this! Fabulous.

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