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Thank you to Joseph who kindly sent me an early copy for review, he managed to land on the top of the TBR mountain – so he owes all the other books /authors an apology for jumping the very long queue!
Having been a fan of his previous two Aidan Waits novels there was no point pretending that I could concentrate on any other book until I had finished this one.
It is exactly what you come to expect from Joseph, he takes you to the parts of Manchester that I’d probably prefer to avoid. He drags you through the very messy and risky life of Aidan Waits while you try and read with your eyes covered!
But you can’t stop turning the pages on this one it just sucks you straight in.
I never give spoilers but I did have to rub my jaw a good few times especially towards the end and I hope he is posting me book 4 next week – because the waiting game just reached a new level….9780140449136…

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  1. Completely, utterly brilliant in every way. Astounding, astonishing, dark and wonderful and sad. The best book I’ve read since his The Smiling Man, and this one even better.

  2. Maria Lomax says:

    Another fantastic, gripping read from Joseph Knox. I can’t wait to read the next!

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