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Thank you very much to the publishers for this early review copy.
Her first book, the Boy at the Back of the Class, stole my heart last year and I happily pressed it into the hands of so many children and adults.
I predicted it would win lots of awards and I was correct!
This is her second book, The Star Outside My window, I had the highest of high expectations for this book before I started to read it and let me tell you – rest easy it is excellent on so many levels. Yes, it covers the topic of domestic abuse, but before you shy away from this – STOP and trust me – it is handled brilliantly, allowing you to open discussions at home, at school etc. to the required level. But also showing that there are people who you can turn to who can and will help.
This is an excellent book!
Everyone needs to read BOTH of Onjali’s books – so wriggle along please.
(Oh and Onjali if you are reading this – you know where I work and we would love you to visit us again.)

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