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So I took a call on Thursday 1 Feb from a lovely lady representing Sarah, she wanted to talk about a new trilogy….
It’s final part is publishing next month (March 2018)….
hang on my brain thinks….final part? I’ve never heard of it!
The author is Sarah Govett, no never heard of her…
She won the Gateshead teen award…never heard of that either! So while quickly searching on line for information as this lady speaks I find them and they look brilliant!
So yes I am interested… the lady wonders if I would like to read the first one? Well yes of course but I rather cheekily volunteer to read the first two…well the waiting around for the next book in a series is a killer!
Friday 2 Feb, the promised book post arrives, the current book is cast to the side so that I can dive straight into this.
Yes, you guessed it – BRILLIANT – thought provoking, great tensions – wonderfully done…So I am obviously on line recommending to friends and their children while reading it!
I was most grateful that a colleague had decided I was the best person for the lovely lady to discuss teen books with!
Oh and yes the lovely Sarah will be launching book 3 in Waterstones Durham in March – but don’t panic we will have all three books that day!

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