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A ginormous thank you to the publishers for this early review copy!!!
This is defiantly my most anticipated book of 2019. I am a massive fan of This Is Going To Hurt, Adam’s first book and his stage show.
Just like the first book I had to read it in one sitting and yes my lovely hubby also wont need to read this one either as once again I read most of it out loud to him while he was trying to sleep… oops but it is just so good you have to share?
It is wonderfully funny yet also heart breaking and I will be placing it in everyone’s hand as soon as it is published – so don’t bother trying to resist it – everyone needs to read both his books!
I love his ideas about showing your appreciation too and everybody should always take the time to stop and think about those who have helped them in the worst and happiest times! Let’s all be more considerate and thoughtful please to our hardworking NHS staff.

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    A marvellous follow-up to his amazing This is Going to Hurt. I loved every page of this book which has hilarity throughout but also manages to be extremely heart-breaking in places as well. Another great insight into life as a health care professional on the NHS, and helps you to appreciate how difficult it can be at Christmas time. Highly recommended!

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