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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, I was sold from the front cover ‘It wouldn’t be a country house weekend without a little murder’!
This is truly a great classic cosy crime which no doubt Agatha Christie would love to read, perhaps would even wish to have written.
So before we proceed – I have already requested book 2 and would happily have read it straight away if it had been sat in my towering to be read piles – so that’s how much I loved it!
Loved the characters, the plotting was very cleverly done ensuring that you were constantly in a spin about who was doing what and why, hooked right until the very end.
The pace was perfect for a leisurely Sunday afternoon read with tea and cake, you weren’t racing along but also you really were not about to let anything disturb you while reading. Quite intense!
Very happy to recommend this on to all cosy crime fans and to all fans of great classic crime reads.

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  1. Natalya Sharp says:

    The Three Dahlias
    5 Stars ⭐️
    This novel intrigued me from the beginning, as it marketed itself as perfect for the fans of Agatha Christie, which I am, and it was!
    The story follows three generations of actresses for one role, the role of a detective (a Miss Marple if you may) and their journey in uncovering multiple murders and a whole family of secrets. It was a fast-paced murder mystery that left me questioning every character and possible motive. However, it wasn’t predictable or boring, meaning it was a LOT of guessing.
    I fell in love with the characters, who all had their own secrets and burdens, and you rooted for their self- recognition and belief. For the final 100 pages I was curled up into the book desperately trying to reach the end and discover the truth. The twists and turns were shocking and fabulously thought through. If you love a good Murder mystery or you’re an Agatha Christie fan, this is the book for you! Although… I can’t think of someone who wouldn’t like this book!
    Looking forward to more from Katy Watson.

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