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Thank you to the publishers for this review copy, I have had my eye on this to read for so long.
Sadly, I have seen a large amount of negative press about this book since publication, my review is based on reading this as a piece of fiction, I am not qualified to judge how accurate a portrayal it is. My gut reaction is that this is perhaps a gentler version of reality. But I cannot judge this accurately as I’m sure many journeys are different and I have not experienced this first hand. I have read a few non fiction pieces where you can see the atrocities faced on route but also that there are individuals ready to risk their safety to help. On a positive note I do hope this book sparks debate of a positive kind that persuades people to find out more about what is happening and what they can do to help even in a small way.
So as for my review, this book made my entire body ache while reading, the fear, concern and worry you feel on each page is intense and remember you are reading this as fiction, it brings home to you just how horrific the reality is. Why do these things happen? If it happened to you could you flee? How would you know who can be trusted? I do recommend people read this book and open their eyes to the world we are living in. So after reading this fictional piece, please take the time to read the non fiction accounts.

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