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SO I NOW UNDERSTAND why people are continually asking this author to write the third book in the series… I feel your pain.
It will be one of his questions on Saturday 29 June when he appears in Waterstones Durham…

Now in the first book in this series (born in a burial gown) I was team Towler, maybe in this book I was more team Fluke – so I’ll need to read more to make my decision – let us hope he eventually writes more.

I possibly even like this series as much as the Tilly series – The Puppet Show & Black Summer.

I fail to understand why I knew nothing of this guys first three books they are excellent – great plots, fantastic tension and characters – absolutely winning combinations – yet not many people know of them?
Well I was very pleased to hear that these are getting a revamp and revised publication in 2020 – so I suggest whilst you can get your hands on these old copies you should – then also obviously the revised copies next year too! (limited copies still available via Waterstones at the time of typing this)

I’m very happy to recommend all 5 of his books to everyone!!

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  1. fiona sharp says:

    Fabulous new versions now purchased! Happily recommending to all who visit my store!

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