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You never know who you will meet in Waterstones Durham…
This gentleman was browsing a table which had chalk man on ….. I said you will like the other book too ….woman in the window…
So being a lovely guy he buys both and then we get chatting – he is also an author and lives only a few miles away…
He agreed to nip home and bring me a review copy of his debut crime thriller!! Obviously I moved it straight to the top of the pile to read and I am very happy to report that I loved it!
So we have booked Chris for a store visit once officially published in May!!
The book is tense, well plotted, good characters and a brilliant twist…what more can you want from a good crime thriller!
More than happy to recommend!

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  1. Dan Moran says:

    Thanks to Fiona for recommending this book to me. It’s just my type of crime and perfect for fans of locked room mysteries. A very clever plot as well as very unusual characters with unique back stories. It was great to meet Chris and get my book signed and dedicated too. Can’t wait for the next book Now You See Me.

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