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Firstly, thank you to Alex who hand delivered this to me at work earlier this year.
I had no expectations of what this novel would be like, but the Chernobyl disaster is something I remember clearly from my teen years, so I was interested to read it.
The novel flashes backwards and forwards in time, something I’m not always comfortable with. But to be fair it added to the book and I was happy to read the two timelines together.
If you are old enough to remember the news reports on Chernobyl this is something you will never forget. This book appears to be very well researched. I didn’t find it a fast read partly because I spent time looking up things on line throughout the book. I have always been fascinated by Russia, but I think with any disaster in any country do you ever truly find out all the facts, figures, consequences? I am happy to recommend this book.
If you would like an additional recommend to compliment this read then I suggest All that is solid melts into air by Darragh McKeon.

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