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Thank you to the publishers for my early review copy.
I’m not one for the hype, in fact I would usually sit back and let the reviews flood in before I joined in if it is appearing to be over hyped…
So I heard this was The Lost Giant of American Literature…. my first thoughts were – really?
Then I saw it was being compared to Suite Francaise, Alone in Berlin and Stoner – you NOW have my attention!
Alone in Berlin is one of my all time favourite reads! You think this is as good as that – then I’m reading it now! The power of the book cover – well ok the proof book cover!
I had not heard of this author before so indeed he had been lost. This book was published when he was just 24 years old – amazing!
The book is indeed a stunning read, you are absorbed from the first pages, the pictures it paints in your head are so vivid and so very thought provoking!
The story is told though a series of chapters, each dedicated to a different persons telling of the story – so it takes a little following.
The book looks at race relations in America at that time, it includes enlightened white families, it has it’s own black scapegoat! It is engaging and a powerful piece of writing!
I now won’t hesitate to see what else he wrote, if this is the standard of his writing at 24 years old! Amazing.
If you are a fan of great literature – then this is most certainly for you!

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