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Firstly, just to say great book cover design! I’d have loved to read it in that setting.
This is a brilliant series, you don’t have to read them in order but obviously as always you do get a little more from them if you do. So start with Thunder Bay, then The Blood is Still for best results. Rebecca Connolly is a great character and I now of course have to wait patiently for the 4th in the series, but always worth the wait.
Fantastic plot, this one starts off slowly and builds with every page, Douglas Skelton is a great author. It gets under your skin as you wonder how well it was originally investigated, and why a quick simple solution was acceptable? Great combination of historical and modern crime in a fabulous Scottish setting that we only dream of!
Loved the humour in it too, it’s a rare talent that makes you smile and laugh as you read such dreadful crimes.
Very happy to recommend this series on to all.

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