Author: Lillian Fishman Genre: ,

Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, this is a fabulous debut.
I would just like to say straight away that I will read anything else that Lillian publishes in the future.
The book you might say gets straight on with it…
It is split into two parts, my only negative is that by the end of the first part I felt I wanted a little more from these characters, we had explored in detail one part of their lives but what more did their lives entail? The second part delivers a little more of their individual lives which I was very pleased with. It has us examine their relationship, who was controlling it? Was anyone out of their depth? Had anyone over stepped the boundaries?
This is very much about power and control that others hold over us and we hold over others.
It is definitely going to stay with you long after finishing it, perhaps examining your own relationships?

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