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Hangs head in shame…..
Way back in March I met Sue Black and the publishers gave me an early review copy…. which I have only just read.
I have been known to do this, sometimes when I know a book is going to be great and that I will want to read it slowly I reserve it for when I have more time…..
This book is excellent! It is a roller coaster of emotions at times! It is an eye opener into the things going on around us! It is also I would say a celebration of everything Sue has achieved to date.
Why was I drawn to the book, well for many reasons some of them shallow…… Patricia Cornwell has a book by the same title I previously enjoyed, I always wanted to be Qunicey when I was at school, I am a fan of some of the crime writers that Sue is friends with / consults for……. This was always going to be a great read for me.
I now recommend this on to EVERYONE, so pop out and buy it from your local bookshop.

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