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I have found myself addicted to this guys books, so now I need everyone else to realise how good they are so that they become addicted too.
I am totally reading them in a random order as I get my hands on them and each one has worked superbly as a standalone.
So I’ve previously read Blood Ties, The Last crossing and Preserve the Dead – each one has been a truly brilliant read.
This last read – Bad Blood was another great read, my only complaint – is why has no one pointed these out to me earlier – he has written 11 books!
His books very much cover a great crime plot but also current headlines of the time. His characters really find a place in your heart I just can’t help but recommend these to everyone. I’ve already been found writing his name down for readers, texting readers and just talking about him non stop. I’m not going to apologise for this though everyone needs to share my new addiction in Brian McGilloway books.

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