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Thank you to the publishers for this review copy, I was lucky enough to secure a beautiful blue proof (which I rather prefer to the published red cover – sorry).
The subject matter in the book is really interesting and you can’t help but get drawn into the book until the very last page.
I have heard nothing but praise for this book so I was very keen to read it and join in the discussions.
But for me, it was also quite easy to put down and get distracted with something else, I think maybe the pace of the story was slightly slower than I had expected?
I would still very happily recommend it on to others, great story line and characters.
Will certainly want to read what Laura writes next.

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  1. Joanne says:

    Set in Deptford and London in the 1780’s Blood & Sugar is a tale about the sugar and slave trade. Captain Harry Corsham travels to Deptford in search of an old friend, and as the book unravels, the outcome is truly shocking.
    I read this book over a weekend.I found that when i was unable to read it, my thoughts kept returning to what would happen next and what would become of Harry. I often get lost in books, but when i find my thoughts returning to a book time and time again, i know i’m firmly in it’s grasp.
    I thoroughly recommend this book, and award it 5* I’ll have to pick my next read very carefully as it has a lot to live up to!

  2. Dan Moran says:

    Only January but this is my favourite crime book of the year so far. Loved the historical background and learned a lot. The characters were well done and the plot very complex with many strands coming together towards the end. Very interesting and relevant historical notes towards the end too.

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