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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy. What a read!!
This begins to touch the surface on training, NHS pre and during Covid 19. We saw it on the news, we read about it but not many of us worked the NHS front line during it – I certainly didn’t. We all owe them so much. So many people went above and beyond risking their own lives every day. This is just a glimpse into it, I suggest you read it and then consider dealing with it in person, could you? Would you? How would you cope? How would you feel if after working and surviving the first wave the second then hit?
This is a light hearted read in part as he touches upon his training but also a very heart felt read especially when it reaches his life on the front line during the Covid 19 first wave. How can you possibly imagine what these people dealt with each and every day for months in both waves…
I’ve previously read and loved ‘This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay’ which gave us an insight into the NHS, this although partly similar with the humour then takes it to the next level by including the Covid 19 pandemic to date. I am very happy to recommend this book on to all and urge you to take the time to read it.

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