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Thank you to Roz for sending me the third in this series, I am late to discovering these books, but they are excellent! All completely recommended so if you haven’t yet – then you really must. I’ve read them all this month, thanks to the third lockdown.
So the first question is why did no one tell me about these earlier? So I am telling you all now – you really need to be reading these.
As always I suggest reading in order for best results, although each holds it’s own standalone crime.
So start with The Devil’s Dice.
The third in the series, Cut to the bone, the best yet… The postie only delivered it yesterday afternoon but I knew I had to get straight on it, those poor other books in my pile weren’t happy and I couldn’t put it down, gone midnight when I finished it this morning. I’ll be checking for any early news on book 4 now.
Love it when you think, I’ve got this sorted… and you are entirely wrong and simply could not have predicted the ending!
Absolutely recommended.

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