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Thank you very much to Mike and all concerned for this early review copy. Apologies in advance to anyone who knows me or is about to meet me – you know what I am going to be suggesting – so don’t bother trying to resist it!
We all know I am a big fan of his books, especially the character Tilly.
I start off each of his books with very high expectations and he just keeps knocking them out of the park, this has easily surpassed my expectations.
Absolutely his best yet!!! (But I do think you should read all his books in order – you have time before this is published if you aren’t up to date.)
If you have never read any of his books, then your life needs Tilly – so jump into the puppet show – you can thank me later!
So very happy that the shops will be open ready for this to publish!
No spoilers ever in my reviews – but the plot is fantastic! The characters are superb! The pace and tension cost me so much sleep because I just can’t put it down!
I am fizzing with excitement over this book – but especially this exclusive edition.
Completely and utterly recommend all his books!

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