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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy.
Firstly, love the cover and the mention of Dubai, well that’s a yes please from me.
This is a great piece of writing which captures very well many aspects of Dubai, airport queues, heat, wealth, over indulgence, their different views and the police.
I loved the writing and very happily sipped from this book all yesterday afternoon and into the evening. At all times knowing full well I would finish this before I turned into sleep.
Whatever, Jamie decides to write next I would very much like to be first in the queue!
This is a novel of overlapping stories set between Ireland and Dubai. Very much showing the differences in life so well and why one can capture you for so many reasons. But perhaps also showing you that not everything will always be as safe and comfortable as you might think. What kind of life has an escape plan of head to the airport and leave everything behind, no time for change of mind?
Brilliantly written, very happy to recommend on to others.

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