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Thank you to the publishers for this review copy. This copy had been sitting quietly in bookshops whispering to people…. it needs to start shouting at people and in return readers & booksellers need to be shouting about it!
I have had my eye on it for a while, heard the odd whisper but nothing much – then I heard it was nominated for a significant prize this summer – so I decided I really must get it read now!
So my verdict: This is an excellent debut and I hope it is very much setting the scene for future books – which yes please – I really do need and want to read!
Perhaps for some people who are not very patient – you must keep turning the pages in this book before some would see the thriller really beginning – but I was very happy with each page of this book and this is my first shout about it – there will be more!
Dear crime book group – have you all read this? If not please do, and yes I have invited him to play out at our store!

Perfect for fans of A A Dhand – start with streets of darkness & Imran Mahmood You Don’t Know Me

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  1. Joanne says:

    I’m going to struggle to put together a “top 5 books of 2019” list as i’ve read so many good ones this year, however, i firmly believe that East of Hounslow will be a main contender. I absolutely loved this book.
    Hooked from page 1, and i thought the author did a great job of writing his characters in a way that were likeable, despite some of their activities. The ending thoroughly surprised me.
    I’ll look out for the next book by this author, and hope that one day he’ll be in attendance at the Waterstones Durham crime book group!

  2. Dan Moran says:

    Possibly my crime book of the year and now I can’t wait to read Homegrown Hero. The book was pacey throughout and I loved the description/setting of London and Pakistan. Grew to really like Jay and thought every character in the book was well developed. Breakthtaking ending, will lead you to buy next one!

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