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I finished this book days ago but I felt I could not write a review that would do this book justice. I wished to inspire everyone to pick it up and read it, so I waited and thought, tried, failed and waited again.
In all honesty I still feel unable to review this book sufficiently well but this is my attempt.
I had heard great things about this book before I got my hands on a copy, so I was more than intrigued to read it.
This book gives you an insight into her family life, their values, her experiences, the challenges, so different from my upbringing. I might even suggest different from most people’s upbringing.
However, it is also very inspiring when you look at what she and some of her siblings achieved by really educating themselves and having the determination to leave the environment they were born into and discover the world of education in schools, colleges and universities.
I will be lucky enough to meet Tara next month (April 2018) in Waterstones Durham and I hope many others will read the book and have a greater understanding of some peoples home environments and assist people trying to find their way in the world of education.
I most certainly recommend to all.

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