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Thank you to Mike for this early signed and dedicated copy, everyone who follows me on twitter or perhaps shops in a certain book shop will know I am rather a fan of Mike’s books so it was an absolute treat to receive this early copy in yesterdays post. Obviously it went straight to the top of the pile because I just had to see what this new series was all about. Now I had every trust in Mike that it would be excellent but would it live up to my high expectations?

Verdict: Loved it!

Action Required: Can you all pre order this please and ultimately save my voice from having to ask each person individually?

This new series is very much going to appeal to fans of action thrillers such as the books written by Lee Child, David Baldacci, Mason Cross, Tony Kent etc

Ben Koenig is our main character and he is excellent, I think Mike is going to have a lot of fun with this character and I cannot wait to see what the plot throws at him in book 2 – which of course I am now already pacing around for…
I think this is Mike’s true quality in his writing is the characters, yes the pace is great, the plotting is perfect – but the characters are the real stand out elements. It’s why no matter which series you pick up from Mike there is no question about the fact that you will return for each and every new one he writes.

So if you haven’t read any of his books yet – then do start with this one or the puppet show if you are still waiting for Fearless to be published – you will not be disappointed.

All highly recommended – so what are you waiting for?

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