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Well having heard great things about this book from other crime writers, I just couldn’t resist grabbing a copy to read.
This is a debut from an ex Waterstones bookseller so again my expectations are heightened.

You get off to a brilliant start, no point pretending you aren’t hooked in from the first few pages, because we all know you are!
Excellent plot, good pace and the characters, well what can I say except I love them and need to read more about them.
To all crime / thriller readers you really do need to get a copy of this now, I feel these characters have buried themselves in my head for a long while yet.
Book 2 is out in Feb 2021 (I think) so I will be needing a copy of this.
Certainly happy to recommend this on to all.

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  1. Joanne Hockaday says:

    I bought this book at Waterstones Durham, intrigued as i’d seen people talking about it online, and Fiona was reading it at the time of purchse.
    Set in Sheffield, the book opened and ended well, with some interesting characters, who i’m sure we’ll see some of in book 2.
    A good debut.

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