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I never buy a book that is hyped up! However, for Harper Lee I decided I would make an exception.

I saw the reviews that were dismissing this book before it was even published, really was there any need for that?

Had they even read the entire book at that time? Many early reviews were also rather critical, but I will not be told what I should think of a book and will always make up my own mind!

So I dug out to kill a mockingbird and read it again, still love it! I was now ready to read the second novel.

The result being I loved it! Perhaps some people who were critical only read the first 100 pages and gave up……

I happen to think it is a brilliant book, it made me laugh out loud, you could visualise the setting with ease and of course the serious messages within.

As a Daddy’s girl I really enjoyed the exploration of their relationship.

I urge everyone to read both books and not be dictated to by people who may not have even read them!

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