Author: Sequoia Nagamatsu Genre: ,

Thank you to the publishers for this review copy. A Sci-Fi book will always take me out of my comfort zone, but sometimes I love them.
Sadly, this wasn’t the case for me with this book. It is I think really a set of connected short stories more than a novel, which I am fine with.
However, I found the subject matter hard to read about – a virus, I just felt oh really after the last couple of years? But whilst I have read other ‘virus’ books in the last few years and been fine with them I felt the ‘Theme Park’ story within this book was just a step too far for me. A short story that will stay with me for quite a while for all the wrong reasons.
However, on a positive note there is no denying that this is a cleverly constructed set of of interconnecting short stories and certainly an author to watch.

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