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Thank you to Imran & his publishers for this early review copy… He only made me wait 3 years & 8 months for it! I can only hope my wait for book 3 is not so long?
This is a standalone crime novel but just in case you don’t know it is his second – The first was ‘You Don’t Know Me’ if you haven’t read it – may I take this opportunity to point you in it’s direction. I am very definitely recommending both his books in this review.
So having read his first book some time ago I felt he would be hard pushed to match it’s brilliance in a second book, but let’s be clear – he absolutely has! This book has very happily occupied my day, I’ve barely moved reading it – my entire body was tense with each page I turned. He is clearly a clever chap!
So in summary this book is superb, addictive and most definitely highly recommended.

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