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Thank you to Fiona for sending me an early review copy, this immediately flew to the top of my pile as I have loved her previous four books.
This book I’m desperately hoping could be the start of a new series…
It features a very special character who is very important to me… ‘Detective’ Saul Anguish this guy needs his own series please.
I also thank you for Marisa Sharp, you are too kind.
So the book review: I LOVED IT!
Great plot, is there a plan? Is there a promise? Is the promise being kept? Is there more than one promise? Has something prevented the promise being kept?
Fabulous characters throughout, loved the pace – I was so shattered after staying up far too late to read… but being my own worst enemy for books and sleep I would of course do it all again with the next in the series – because please please make this a series.
So if everyone could place their pre orders ASAP, then join my campaign for this to be a new Fiona Cummins series it would be very much appreciated!

While you wait for it’s release if you haven’t read her others you really must! Rattle, The Collector – please read in order. The neighbour & When I was ten read as standalones.
All superb reads so you know what to do with your Christmas book vouchers…

Absolutely happy to recommend all five of Fiona’s books so far!

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