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Whether you were a fan of girl on the train or not……this book is brilliant!
I enjoyed it a lot more than her debut for sure! So I hope this is even more successful for her.
Set in the North East of England we explore the story surrounding a number of deaths in a section of river accidental or otherwise.
Which ones are murder, which are suicide? Why always in that spot? Who is telling the truth?
Certainly recommended!!

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  1. Jo says:

    Fabulous read – really drew me in although couldn’t quite relate to it being set in NE England. Lots of characters to get to know who quickly became familiar and likeable – a good page turner!

  2. Maria Lomax says:

    I loved this book! I have to admit that at first I got a bit lost, there are so many characters, so I went back to the beginning and I made some notes on who was who! Once I’d figured that out I couldn’t put it down.

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