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Life is full of surprises…
I was approached by a lady to review her possible book covers, flattered, I happily agreed.
Her name was on the book covers (obviously) so it dawned on me that I had read books by her before and loved them!
Once we got talking she asked if I would like to read and review the manuscript – I happily agreed.

But I was a little worried when I picked it up to read…what if I was disappointed? Having loved her previous two which are very different…well I decided there really was only one way to find out!

So I was hooked from the first pages, really why had I worried? Read it in three nights, sleep did get in the way a little.

The book is set in Newcastle and London, so semi local for me. Brilliant crime thriller which just hooks you straight in and keeps you on the edge of your seat through every chapter! I do genuinely love it and hope it will be a massive success!!

I certainly think it will appeal to fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.

This book is due out October 2017.

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