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Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, before reading this I had only heard great things so I was eager to reach this in my never ending pile of books.
This is a wonderful debut which I am very happy to say I will certainly be recommending on to others.
It captures so many emotions in it’s pages – heart warming, funny, full of love, gentle, heart breaking, gorgeous friendships, family dynamics, inner strength and support networks.
This book will appeal to so many readers.
As we start the book we know that Meredith hasn’t left her house for quite a while but we don’t know why.
The novels runs two timelines wonderfully well, the current timeline where she isn’t leaving the house and also her previous life before things changed for her.
So many wonderful characters to discover as you read but all the time you are routing for Meredith who is just such a lovely lady!
Very happy to recommend this on to everyone.

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