Author: The Reverend Richard Coles Genre: , ,

Thank you to the publishers for this early review copy, it obviously flew straight to the top of the to be read towers.
This is a cleverly plotted cosy crime set in Champton village in 1988, all is calm and civilised until there is mention of a toilet being installed at the back of the church…
The village congregation is now divided and before the matter can be resolved the first body is found.
While the Rector tries to resolve the matter of the removal of pews for the toilet, the police start investigating the first murder.
I didn’t manage to solve the crime, so I was guessing all the way to the end. Loved the 1988 references such as Cagney & Lacey.
Great characters, with references to previous village life during the war which all come together to form a brilliant cosy crime read.
Very happy to recommend on to all. I think this will be perfect for all fans of Richard Osman’s cosy crime books.
So perhaps you should pre order – everyone will be talking about this book in June!

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