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One of my favourite films is The Scarlet and The Black – with Gregory Peck in it. I have watched this film so many times and of all the WW2 stories this one breaks my heart each time.
So, I just absolutely had to read this book the minute in landed on my door mat – and it is magnificent – it left be sobbing!
It is absolutely a contender for my book of the year, and I say this having read over 250 books so far this year.
I’ve never read a book by Joseph O’Connor before, and I clearly need to rectify this situation with a few more of his titles.
Hugh O’Flaherty achieved so much with his friends in Rome at such risk to themselves – that man needs to be celebrated and I would love so many more people to hear about him via this book which although fiction is based on a true story.
In my opinion Joseph has done an incredible job with this novel and I hope it becomes a best seller!

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