Author: Mary Loudon Genre: ,

Thank you to the publishers for this review copy, I’m rather ashamed at how long this sat in my to be read tower waiting patiently to be read.
However, it quickly moved to the top of the pile after a glowing review from another author.
I read the first half of this last night until midnight then sadly had to park it until today, I devoured this quickly completely hooked into the story until around page 230 when I found I didn’t want it to end – so I was reading a paragraph pacing and then reading some more…
Today is week 6, day 1 of the UK lockdown – I have now read 41 books in this time and this is the best read of those so far, in addition it is my 119th read of 2020 and could possibly be my book of the year… wonder if it can hang on to this position until the end of 2020?
So I urge you ALL to read this ASAP. Completely recommended!

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